Why Book Reviews Are So Important to Book Marketing

Book reviews are not only important to book marketing, but they are crucial, especially when it comes to self published book marketing. Most writers should do whatever they can do to get favorable self published book reviews in order to promote their writing.Most book reviewers write for a living. They work freelance at this type of job, read books and write about them professionally. They know how to write about a book without giving away an ending or too much about the plot. Good book reviews should leave the reader wanting to read more, they should give a reader a glimpse into the writing that can help the reader make a decision as to whether or not they want to buy the tome.If a writer has a self published book, it can be difficult to get a writer to write a review. Not so if the writer sends the work to a book review service. A book review company can allow for the writer to be heard in that someone will read the work and write a professional review about it. Some services will allow for more than one review to be written about the work. And these are important as many people base their decision on whether or not to buy the book on the reviews. If a novel comes highly recommended by reviewers, it is much more likely to sell than one that no one has ever heard about.It is in the best interest of any writer to see to it that their book is reviewed by professional book reviewers and is given a proper notice as this can be vital to the success of a book. Using a book review service is a good idea, especially in the case of a self published author as they will not have a good chance of getting a professional writer to look at their work without using this type of service. Book reviews are the way that the public gets to know if the novel or writing is something that will interest them. They should not be a sales pitch for the writing, but should just discuss the plot of the book, the writing style used by the writer and the strengths of the book for the reader. It will then be up to the reader to decide on whether or not to read this novel, based upon what is said in book reviews.

Book Review – Building Your Personal House of Prayer by Larry Krieder

Adding a New Dimension and Pattern to Your Prayer Life”Building Your Personal House of Prayer” offers the reader a plan for an extreme makeover of their prayer life. Larry Krieder has used the Lord’s Prayer as the model and basis for the twelve lessons presented in the book. Krieder helps the reader build their own house of prayer by using twelve rooms as his model. He begins with a courtyard, which represents the entryway into the twelve rooms or elements included in the Lord’s Prayer.Coming into the courtyard of praise and thanksgiving, I felt the presence of the Lord Jesus as I offered up thanksgiving and praise. Moving on to the family room I felt secure in the Father’s love, and turning my attention to silently listening to him as I meditated on His Word.Each of the other rooms provided opportunities for adoration, a declaration, surrender, requesting provision, seeking forgiveness, claiming freedom, and protection. The rooms called Warfare, Kingdom, Power, and Exaltation all provided opportunities for learning more of the true power and possibility prayer.Larry’s writing is anointed and based on scripture. His illustrations are relevant and helpful, drawing the reader into a new focus on the patterns of prayer developed in the days of the early church.”Building Your Personal House of Prayer” is a valuable resource for personal study, prayer and the devotional life. Application questions at the end of each chapter and a Daily Prayer Guide in the appendix add to this 40 day adventure in prayer which will change and enrich your practice, effectiveness, and joy of prayer. The book is excellent for creating interaction in a Small Group Bible Study, or in a discipleship and mentoring training.A remarkable devotional guide for enhancing the power and practice of your prayer life.Destiny Image, 978-0768426625
As Reviewed for Midwest Book Review